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The alarm rings (or you’re up well before the alarm because you can’t sleep — the number of things you have to get done is staggering and each task is important) and you jump out of bed. It’s time to get going. Make breakfast for the family, pack a lunch for your child, start a load of laundry, get your kid out of bed, make sure they have everything they need for school, see them off to the bus stop. Then it is time to make sure the house is clean before you head to work.

Work is full of all of its normal stresses, but at some point during the day, you’ll probably remember a few other things that you have to get done that weren’t on your list. After work, there are errands to run — dry cleaning, groceries, school supplies, the list goes on — and even more work to do when you get home. You go to bed feeling exhausted and stressed out because you know that tomorrow will bring more chaos.

Does this sound familiar to you? Does every day feel like you’re fighting against a wave of stress and dischord that won’t relent no matter how much you get done? Are you ready for things to get better? If you are, Erin Taylor, certified Parent Coach, can help. In as little as six modules, you can better understand the causes of stress in your life and learn healthy ways to reduce them without letting the important things in your life fall by the wayside.

“The Chaos Cure” is an online class for mothers who are sick and tired of being overwhelmed. Sign up for the class now, or read on to learn more about stress, chaos, and the ways in which “The Chaos Cure” can help you manage stress.



  • Have you ever felt moody, miserable, or mad about the challenges of being a mother?
  • Do your kids not listen to you?
  • Do you forget to take care of yourself because you’re too busy?
  • Do you feel like your children don’t respect you?
  • Do you yell at your kids or punish them for things that aren’t that big of a deal?
  • Does yelling at your kids make you feel even worse?

No one is the perfect mom all the time, but if you’ve noticed that you feel like a “bad mom” more often than a good one, there is help out there. “The Chaos Cure” course was designed to help you overcome negativity, stress, and anger in order to help you be a happier, healthier parent.

You deserve to feel better. Your children deserve the kind of mom you want to be. Sign up for this class today to take control of your life, better parent your children, and be happy!

The Effects of Stress on Busy Mothers

We are a stressed-out people. In today’s world, stress is seen as both a virtue and a fact of life. While stress can help you overcome difficulties, it should not be a long-term state of being. If left unchecked, stress can have a number of negative effects on your behavior, your mood, and even on your body.

Effects of Stress on Your Body

Fatigue may be one of the first signs that you are feeling stressed. As many of us are so used to existing in a state of hyper awareness or stress, we may not notice that we are feeling irritable or high-strung. A spell of fatigue, whether it lasts for a day or seems to have been going on for as long as you can remember, is your body’s way of telling you to slow down, to rest, and to reduce the stimuli you’re exposed to. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done, though it is possible to learn how to break out of this pattern of running yourself ragged.


Headaches, whether they are migraines or not, are never fun. If you are already busy or stressed, a headache will make everything worse. Headaches are caused by a number of factors, but they are a common symptom of people dealing with a lot of chaos in their lives.mom and son reading a book

Stomach Problems

Few physical symptoms can be as debilitating as stomach problems. If you seem to get indigestion or stomach pain when you are in the middle of trying to handle ten different things, it could be a sign that your body needs a break.

Muscle Soreness

While chaos, stress, and a lack of time probably means that you aren’t spending as much time as you’d like at the gym, you may still experience muscle tenderness, soreness, or pain. While you might wonder how a lack of exercise could make you sore, the answer is simple: stress creates chemicals in your body that are normally only created when you exercise or when you are in fight-or-flight mode. While these bursts of energy can help you get through a tough day, they have physical consequences.

Sleep Problems

You’ll see sleep problems in every section (body, mood, and behavior) because bad sleep, or a lack of sleep, contributes to issues that effect your mood, your body, and your behavior. The physical problems associated with a lack of sleep should look familiar: fatigue, headaches, stomach problems, soreness, and more. Whether a lack of sleep is causing these problems, or these problems are affecting your sleep, may be difficult to determine, but the end result is the same: you don’t feel well, which can make your life even more chaotic.

When your body doesn’t feel good, your mood and your behavior will change, too. Chaos is incredibly powerful because it will worm its way into every part of your life if you don’t confront it and get it under control. ‘The Chaos Cure” from Parent Coach Erin Taylor and her colleague, Louise Clarke, is a fast, affordable, comprehensive online parenting course that will illuminate the path to a less moody, mad, and miserable life. Sign up today!

Effects of Stress on Your Mood

Anger and Irritability

Have you noticed that you snap at people, including your child, with almost no provocation? When you’re waiting in line, do you feel anger bubbling up, ready to spill out? Everyone has these moments, even if they aren’t dealing with a lot of other stressors in their lives, but if chaos is swirling around you at all times and you know that you have an elevated level of stress, then irritability and anger can be relatively common symptoms. If these traits become a normal part of your personality, you may notice that people in your life shrink away from you or keep you in the dark about many things in order to prevent incurring your wrath.


While we think of stress and chaos as being tense and energetic, the effects can manifest on the opposite end of that spectrum. When you feel out of control, or when your actions never seem to have an impact on the circumstances that are weighing on you, feelings of hopelessness, despair, and impotence can quickly push even the most positive person down.


Understanding that stressful, chaotic events will happen is healthy. What isn’t healthy, or helpful, is when one starts to focus almost exclusively on hypotheticals and worst-case scenarios. Not only will this prevent you from experiencing all of the good parts of your life, it can also contribute to anxiety. Anxiety comes with a host of negative symptoms that will further contribute to your stress levels.

Feelings of Restlessness and an Inability to Focus

It is one of life’s cruel ironies that the more you have to do, the less time or energy you have to do it. While this may just feel like the way of the world, it may not be that simple. Elevated stress levels can cause you to lose the ability to focus on things with the intensity that is needed. A lack of focus creates other complications.

Are you ready to overcome the physical effects and changes in your mood? Do you want to make your motherhood feel like a gift and not a burden? Sign up for “The Chaos Cure” today. In this course, led by certified Parent Coach Erin Taylor and her colleague Louise Clarke, you will learn how to make your life, and the lives of your children, better by managing stress and chaos. For more information about Erin, please spend some time on the rest of the site.

Effects of Stress on Your Behavior


As we mentioned in the section about anger and irritability, the way that you feel can have an impact on the way in which others deal with us and how we deal with others. It’s common for stressed out parents to withdraw from their friends and family because withdrawing may mean fewer things to do be responsible for, fewer people asking for your attention, or fewer factors contributing to the chaos of your life.

Sleep Problems

Chaos and stress has a negative impact on your sleep in almost every way. If stress has altered your behavior to the point where it is causing problems with your sleep (and it doesn’t take much to do so), all of the problems discussed above and below will be exacerbated. A lack of sleep, or poor sleep, can cause:

  • Memory problems
  • Difficulties concentrating
  • High blood pressure
  • Weight gain
  • Low sex drive
  • An increased risk of diabetes

Changes in Sex Drive

When you’re busy, it can be hard enough finding time to be intimate with your partner. If you’re also trying to maneuver through a massive amount of chaos, it can be much worse. Stress can lead to surprising changes in your sex drive that you may not expect and that you may not be able to handle in a healthy way without reducing your stress levels.

Drug and Alcohol Use

Even if you have never had issues with drugs or alcohol, existing in a state of seemingly perpetual stress can push many people to finding solace or control by using or abusing drugs and alcohol. What may have started as a glass of wine after work can easily become a half bottle per night, while sleep aids, even prescription drugs, can become a crutch that are difficult to part with.

Not Eating or Eating Too Much

Many people have complicated relationships with food. A chaotic life can make the way that we eat even more problematic. When you have work and a family, watching what you eat is not easy. Forgetting to eat meals or overeating are common for people who feel like their lives are out of control. In addition to the health troubles caused by over- or undereating, food issues can leave a mark on your relationships with others and with your self-image.


A mother making cookies with her son and her daughter

How Can You Stop the Chaos?

While we wish that the obstacles and effects we listed above were the only ones, there are others that can crop up over time that only make existing problems even more difficult to overcome.

It is because of these problems that you need to reverse the chaotic direction in which your life is headed. Whether the chaos and stress is coming from within or without, there is a way to stop feeling trapped and hopeless. Sign up for “The Chaos Cure” online parenting course from certified Parent Coach Erin Taylor and her colleague Louise Clarke. With their help, you’ll be better able to recognize causes of chaos, recontextualize or reduce them, and then learn how to be happier than you’ve ever been.

It is possible, and Erin Taylor wants to help you. Sign up for the class today to feel happier and to be an even better parent.

The Chaos Cure Will Help You Navigate Stressful Parenting Situations

In this incredible online parenting course, Erin and Louise will teach you:

  • How to be heard without yelling
  • How to earn the respect of your children and other people in your life
  • How to avoid taking out your stress and negativity on your kids
  • How to avoid unnecessary stressors and causes of chaos
  • How to raise kids who are happier, more confident, respectful, responsible, and kind
  • The difference between good consequences and bad ones (punishments, bribery, etc.)
  • Why boundaries are important and how to set them
  • How to feel better about your life

Sign up for this class today — you deserve to feel better, and to be more present in the lives of your family — and in your own life. With a little help, you can set yourself free from the cloud of stress and chaos that has enveloped your life and start to enjoy the warmth of a life well-lived. If you have any questions about the course, feel free to reach out.

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