"Connection and Kindness: The Key To Changing The World Through Parenting shares stories, wisdom, and good vibes that remind us to make connection and awareness our most important parenting tools. Erin generously shares her personal and professional experiences and inspires each of us to tap into our own compassion and authenticity. This leads to self love, deeper relationships within the family, and eventually, societal change."

– Cathy Cassani Adams, Author of Living What You Want Your Kids to Learn and host of Zen Parenting Radio

"This book is about much more than kindness. It articulates the simple yet profound wisdom of living in relationship with our children. Erin’s wisdom is packaged in stories of children and parents that could be from any of our life experiences, told with an honesty and vulnerability that makes the wisdom easy to access as we relate it to our own children and our own parenting."

– Gloria DeGaetano, Founder, Parent Coaching Institute

"I am so happy to have your book ‘Connection & Kindness.’ It is staying on my desk and I will refer to it often. I love how the lesson in each chapter is a real story with a real example! I particularly enjoyed the last two chapters and have underlined many parts. Thank you for writing and sharing this wonderful book."

– Vera, Mom

"With her vast experience of working with families of all kinds—foster, adopted, and biological–Erin shows us how kindness can transform even the most challenging situations. Read this book for its downright practicality in how it addresses the nitty gritty of everyday life with your children."

– Shefali Tsabary, PHD, Author of The Conscious Parent and Out of Control

"I have enjoyed being a coach for many years, but was still operating in “the dark ages.” I didn’t accept credit cards and had only a basic website. I knew nothing about social media. Erin brought me into this century and now I accept credit cards, have a robust website, use an online scheduler and have a strong presence on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. I even have my own thriving podcast now! And I have Erin to thank for all of that progress in my business!"

– Shannon M.

"I knew what I wanted to do, but I had no idea where to even begin. I had never run my own business before and didn’t know where to start. Erin helped me launch my business and dive in. I am so much happier now than I was in my old corporate job!"

– Melissa S.

"When I began working with Erin, I was so scattered. I had a million things on my plate in my business and I didn’t know which way to turn. Nothing was going the way I wanted. I was frustrated, spinning my wheels and not making the impact that I wanted. Erin helped me to sort through all the clutter and distraction in my own mind and in my To Do List. She helped me to achieve laser focus. As a result, I work just as hard but I serve more clients and my income has increased dramatically."

– Sarah T.

"Erin helped me create a calmer, more respectful home. She coached me to focus on the positive, which has improved our family relationships. I enjoyed planning with Erin how I was going to tackle the various issues that arose. I became more proactive as opposed to reactive and confrontational. Erin helped me feel capable, she encouraged me and helped me to feel like a good mom."

– Donna M.

"I went through the parent coaching process with Erin and I appreciated her willingness to listen and focus on what was important to me. She was helpful in bringing my attention (in subtle ways, while also allowing me to discover on my own) what I really needed to know about myself in order to progress toward what I thought was important. Erin helped me to make small changes in my daily habits which improved my relationships with my family members. Erin asked the right questions, which in turn resulted in important realizations: recognizing what my priorities are as well as helping me to identify patterns and underlying causes that then spurred me to set goals for myself.

There is an enormous gap between knowing and doing. Coaching is the key to bridging that gap. I had experienced much frustration with finding a way to help myself change what I knew needed to be changed. Coaching was the catalyst, and Erin was the change agent for me."

– Kristie C.

"Erin has such a calm, peaceful demeanor. She put me at ease with every session we had together. I began to look forward to my weekly calls with her, not only because of all the wisdom she offered me, but because I felt better just talking to her."

– Kari T.

"Wow is all I can say! I have two beautiful girls and I used to be so stressed as a mom. I did not even enjoy parenting and felt guilty about that fact every single day. My triggers were so many that I wanted Erin on speed dial! Erin helped me to get to the root of my triggers so that I could keep them out of my interactions with my girls, and she helped me to see them, really see them as the amazing individuals they both are. Now, our days are as pleasant as our interactions and I have Erin to thank for that."

– Hannah P.

"When I began working with Erin, I was so stressed. Things were not going well in my family and I felt hopeless, like the vision I had for my family would never come true. But with time and Erin’s coaching, my family is now thriving and I am becoming the parent I always wanted to be but didn’t know how."

– Brenda G.

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