Building Connected Families…One Parent, One Child at a Time

Parenting is hard – no doubt about it – probably the hardest thing we will ever do. And we just cannot do it alone. That is where the inspiration for Building Connected Families came from for us. How many times are we in the middle of a really stressful situation with our child and we don’t know what to do…or where to turn….

I know as a young parent, my salvation for parenting was books. I read, and read….and read some more. Whenever I had a struggle or a challenge, I reached into the volumes of guidance written lovingly by people who came before me. But I think times have changed….

How the Times have Changed…

Today, we are simply oversaturated. There is so much information coming at us from every possible angle every waking minute of every day. It is nearly impossible to know who to trust, what to believe, where to turn or what to do. We read blogs (like this one!), posts, books, articles. We check websites, listen to youtube videos, podcasts (like this one hopefully!). And worst of all, we get conflicting information that confuses us even more.

What’s a parent to do?

We heard the cries, we felt the stress of parents and we heard the calling. My good friend/colleague and I have created Building Connected Families, a community dedicated to supporting parents on their journey to become the best parent they can be. Our vision with this community is to have a centralized place for all the latest parenting guidance that you could ever need – all under one roof. Our community is guided by a global faculty of parenting experts. These people have a wide variety of areas of expertise, including young children, teens/tweens, conscious parenting, sibling rivalry, potty training, technology, mindfulness and more.

There is a private Facebook group. This is a safe space for parents to come and receive guidance from our coaches, ask questions, share struggles and more each and every day. Once a month, we will offer a LIVE parenting class and a LIVE Ask the Expert Q&A session. Parents who cannot join in live can submit their most pressing questions ahead of time for the coach to address during the session. All classes and Ask the Experts will be recorded and stored in our resource library. We will also feature guest speakers to bring their vast knowledge on a wide variety of subjects.

Parenting is hard – you don’t have to do it alone

This title says it all. Parenting is hard and you don’t have to do it alone. We are here for you to help and support you on this most sacred life mission of raising your children.

For far less than $1 a day, you will have access to all this powerful information and guidance. Join us, won’t you?

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