Parenting Your Anxious Child eBook

Here’s how to help your anxious child by: Understanding better what they are experiencing, helping them to manage their anxiety and your stress, and no longer feeling like you have to navigate life for them.

If your child’s anxiety has become such a burden that it is almost like another person living in your home, stripping all the joy and fun out of life, this is going to be one of the most important books you will read.

But I must warn you

This book is quite different from what you may have already heard or thought about how best to help your anxious child.

Maybe you’ve been too strict. Or maybe you’ve been too lenient.

And I’m guessing neither of these approaches has really dealt effectively with their anxiety.

If we are too lenient, we allow the anxiety to grow because it has no restraints or boundaries placed on it. But…if we are too strict, it is as if we are putting gasoline onto the fire of their anxiety and it grows too. So, what can you do?

You want your child to be able to manage their anxious feelings and to be better able to cope with life. That all begins right here in this 57-page book.

Here’s What You’ll Get


My book is called Parenting Your Anxious Child: Using Boundaries, Discipline and Consequences Effectively and Appropriately.

It really comes down to understanding boundaries and how to use them effectively with your anxious child. Children, especially anxious ones, need and thrive with healthy boundaries in place. But putting healthy boundaries in place can be more confusing than AP Calculus!

Being too lenient doesn’t work and being too strict doesn’t work.

Well then, what does???

Knowing how to show up in the moment, attuned to what your child needs IN THAT MOMENT and understanding just how to meet that need is what works.

I know when I figured this out with my daughter who struggles with anxiety, life got a heck of a lot easier.

She felt seen, understood and supported.

I’m not saying that anxiety never rears its head, but when it does, she and I both have tools in our toolbox to manage it. She manages her anxiety and I manage my stress level and voila! We can get on with life again.

This book will teach you exactly how to get to this place with your child.

You will also learn

  • The many different ways anxiety shows up (p.11)
  • What to do when your child “flips their lid” (p. 14)
  • What to focus on when your child messes up (p. 18)
  • WHY your child is acting that way (p. 20)
  • Why YOU act the way you do (p. 22)
  • How to handle your child’s refusal, perfectionism and avoidance (p. 26)
  • The reality of the pressure our children are under (p. 32)
  • Why anxious kids might be controlling (p. 35)
  • How routines can help your child (p. 36)
  • What to do when it’s time to transition to another activity (p. 36)
  • How to help your child cope with frustration (p. 39)
  • The important differences between discipline, punishment and consequences (p. 40)
  • How to do the delicate “Boundary Dance” with your child effectively (p. 46)
  • The importance of practicing and teaching your child mindfulness to manage your stress and their anxiety (p. 55)
  • And more…

This book is filled with content that you need to help your child.

You and your child will connect more deeply and learn how to handle life’s stressors with more grace and ease.

Here’s The Next Step

The cost of this eBook is $5.99, and you will see a link to download it when you purchase it so that you can read it right away and anywhere.

My hope is that you will love this book and that it will help you to make some huge transformations in your home to really help your child. And if you need more one-on-one help, maybe we will work together in the future…

I’ve given you many of the insights and strategies I learned as I figured out how to help my daughter and I’m sharing them with you here!

And I’m so sure you will get such value out of this book that I am prepared to give you a refund if you are not completely satisfied.

You’ve been going it alone or looking for help and talking to people for far too long now. Let’s get to work and help you to help your anxious child.




Parenting Your Anxious Child

Using boundaries, disciple & consequences effectively & appropriating.

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