Conscious Parenting

14 Steps to Make this School Year a Success!

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Some children have just begun school, and many are getting ready to head back, so now is a great time to think about creating a plan to make this school year a success! A few weeks to a few days before plan: Several weeks to a few days before your child’s first day, it is…

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Can Kids Learn Life Lessons At The Beach?


Ok, so I admit it – this is a bit of a misleading title. Because this is really more a story of lessons kids can learn through sports. But we have been at the beach all this week at my son’s latest beach volleyball tournament. So thus, the title. My son earned an opportunity to…

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The Children are our Future

I believe the children are our future Teach them well and let them lead the way. Whitney Houston sang that to us in 1985, and those words are so prophetic today. I have spent the past ten days reading about the outspoken, courageous, determined teenagers from Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school.  These young people have…

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Discipline – what does the word actually mean, anyway?


I was talking with a colleague the other day and the subject of discipline came up. This is a topic with a long history in parenting circles, as well as a lot of confusion. The latin origin of the word discipline is to teach or instruct. But the first definition listed in the Merriam-Webster dictionary…

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How to talk to our children about tragedies


Yesterday, in the wake of the latest mass shooting in Las Vegas, my social media feed was consumed with concerned parents asking how to talk to their children about tragedies. This is never an easy subject to discuss with our children. It is natural to want to protect and shelter them from the darkness in…

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Evolve to a higher level


I am just now recovering from a fabulous trip I returned home from six days ago. It was to attend Dr. Shefali’s Evolve 2017 event in Long Beach, CA. This Evolve conference is consistently filled with much learning and growth for all involved. Mind the Gap This year’s speakers included my dear friend Renee Jain, head…

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Pursuing our dreams while still being a parent


Today I am prepping and packing to leave for Long Beach, CA tomorrow to assist Dr. Shefali with her 3rd annual Evolve Conference. What an incredible weekend I know this will be. Dr. Shefali’s teachings are so powerful, not just for parents, but for everyone, because everyone used to be a child and undoubtedly has…

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Evaluating this summer on the first day back to school

Yesterday was the first day back to school here, and I always take some time on that day to think back over this summer in my home and with my children. The delightful conclusion I have come to is that each year, I get better and better at this whole “parenting thing.” As a mom…

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The Beast Called Anxiety


Anxiety can be a crippling burden sometimes, and it shows up in many forms – from headaches, sweating, trembling, excessive worrying, rapid breathing and increased heart rate, to feeling weak or tired, having difficulty concentrating or just feeling nervous, restless or tense. Most of us worry from time to time, but when we carry the…

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Sports: When do we push and when do we back off?

This week my son had his travel soccer team’s pre-season camp. The camp has gone 3 hours per night each night this week. He has worked really hard while there and come home utterly exhausted every time. The first night, he realized that he had 12 more hours of soccer remaining in the week. He was…

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