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Conscious & Kind Parenting

Are you having a hard time effectively parenting children and teens through issues with anxiety, disrespect, social media, sports, or bullying? As a mother who has dealt with child mortality and managing a business while raising young children, I know that being a parent is tough. I’m a PCI Certified Parent Coach, entrepreneur, and author, and I’m here to help you create a deeper connection with your children through conscious, kind parenting. Contact me today for a free consultation, or check out my free parenting resources, podcast, or blog for parenting tips and advice!

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Benefits of Parent & Business Coaching:

  • Work with a PCI Certified Parent Coach®
  • Get weekly or bi-weekly hour-long coaching sessions
  • Learn how to balance business and being a parent
  • Fall in love with mothering again
  • Create a deep, meaningful relationship with your child or teen
  • Affordable, flexible payment options that fit your needs
  • Get conscious parenting lessons from Oprah Winfrey’s favorite parenting expert, Dr. Shefali

Erin Taylor Parent Coaching Services

Helping Parents Forge Deep Connections with Their Children

Whether you need help parenting young children or teens as they deal with anxiety, social media, bullying, and more, or maybe it’s just that you need a little more support as you learn how to create a deeper relationship with your child, I’m here for you. I’ve seen it all — from dealing with the death of my first-born child, to raising three children while running multiple businesses. I struggled when I was a young mother, but I finally found a friend and mentor in Dr. Shefali to help me get through it all and forge a relationship with my children based on kindness. That’s why I started this parent and business coaching project: to be there for you. 

Parent Coaching

I am a mother, seasoned family therapist, PCI Certified Parent Coach®, and author of a best-selling parenting and disciplining book, “Connection & Kindness: The Key to Changing the World Through Parenting,” and my parent coaching services are designed to help parents learn how to connect with their children by practicing kindness, mindfulness, and consciousness. Years of experience has taught me that parent coaching is a dynamic, collaborative process between the parent(s) and coach. Together we will learn what things are triggering you, what issues you want to solve between you and your children, and what tools you can use to create a deeper relationship with them. Learn more about my parent coaching services, or contact me today with any questions!

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Business Coaching

Besides working with parents, children, teachers, and school communities on conscious parenting strategies, I also provide business coaching services. As a parent, I have also managed a charity, family therapist service, and multiple other businesses, including my newest company, Building Connected Communities. When I work with entrepreneurs, I help them define clear business goals, implement strategies for achieving new and increased profits, and develop a brand and marketing plan leveraging appropriate technologies. We work together through an accountability process that is fun, creative, and smart. Learn more about my business coaching services, or contact me today with questions!

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Are you tired of constantly fighting with your kids over homework, chores, social media, sports, and more? Are you frustrated when your relationship with your child too often consists of yelling, disciplinary threats, or temper tantrums? You’re not alone. I can help you connect with your children using kindness, empathy, and mindfulness, while also managing your business and whatever else life has to throw at you. Learn more by checking out my book, podcast, and blog, or contact me today!

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