The #1 Way to Overcome a Power Struggle with Your Child

power struggle

A power struggle with your child can be such a treacherous landmine to navigate. An interaction can begin innocently enough. Then,  before we know it, we are knee-deep going head-to-head with our child and we don’t even know how we got there. All sorts of damage can be done to our relationship with them, and…

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Happy 17th Birthday in Heaven, Sydney

Today, our oldest daughter Sydney would turn 17 if she was here on Earth in human form. Each year, I write about my thoughts on her birthday and today is no different. I love looking back over where I was emotionally, spiritually and otherwise on her birthdays. Today, it is really hard to imagine what she…

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All I want for Christmas is….

My loved ones have asked me this month what I want for Christmas. My wish this year is different than in previous years. I used to wish for World Peace, but all I want for Christmas this year is…for each person on this planet to know what a truly valuable, special and unique person they…

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How to talk to our children about tragedies


Yesterday, in the wake of the latest mass shooting in Las Vegas, my social media feed was consumed with concerned parents asking how to talk to their children about tragedies. This is never an easy subject to discuss with our children. It is natural to want to protect and shelter them from the darkness in…

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Thoughts on this Mother’s Day

As I get older, I find that this holiday is ….. a complicated one. When I was a kid, Mother’s Day was easy. I had a wonderful Mother who cared for me deeply and each year on this day, I would celebrate her. It was fun and made me feel good to honor her and…

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I’m baaaaack! And a special offer….

Hello dear readers, After a brief writing hiatus, I have returned to my roots, sharing my ideas with you and learning and growing together. I wanted to relaunch my blog with a story AND a special offer (keep reading)! A few weeks ago, my now 12-year-old daughter begged me for “fake” nails. I tried them…

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A Christmas Story

Earlier this year, my neighbor (friend) and I went to lunch at a diner in the next town over when we became aware of this homeless man sitting in the corner booth. After inquiring about him to the waitress, we discovered that the owner of the diner allows him to sit in the corner booth…

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I just have to share…here are some highlights of the hour-long conversation that my 10 year old daughter (aptly named Faith) and I had after this first episode of Oprah’s Belief series tonight. She has always been an old soul and a deep thinker. She asked many questions while we watched, and when the show…

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