Parent Coaching

Why hire a Parent Coach?

I was talking with a parent coach colleague the other day and she was relaying a conversation she had with a parent who was interested in her services. They talked about the process and what the parent could expect. The parent was interested, until the point at which the discussion of cost came up. Suddenly,…

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Does Parenting Have To Be So Hard?

I just hung up from a conference call with two of my beloved colleagues, Sue DeCaro and Sheila Wenger. We discussed the power of conscious parenting and the positive effects it is having on the parents with whom we work. We are hearing a common theme from parents – they are stressed, overworked, and have…

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The Transformational Power of Conscious Parenting

I met again this week with the dad I have been working with on Conscious Parenting. In just a few short weeks, he has evolved from feeling disrespected, frustrated, disempowered, disconnected and unhappy in his relationships with his children. Things have been improving rapidly for him, though. This week, he surprised his boys by taking…

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A New “Chapter”

Recently, I began writing a monthly piece in South Jersey MOM magazine, much to my delight. My first article will be in the December issue, which should hit newsstands on December 5. But I want to tell a bit about how this came to be. This story is all about wanting something and then going…

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What Is My Calling?

I just had a great conversation with a friend and colleague. We were talking about our careers as parent coaches and how much we love our jobs and are committed to helping parents become the parents they wish to be. I was telling her about my childhood friend who died this week of breast cancer…

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More Than Just Colleagues; Friends Too

I am back home from an incredible weekend in Chicago at the PCI conference with an amazing group of parent coaches, all of whom I am proud to call friends and colleagues. Together, we are changing the world, one parent one family at a time. Love you guys!

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