How to use natural consequences to discipline your child


Now that we have looked at your goal with discipline (part 1) and how YOU fit in to the subject (part 2), it is time to move on to figuring out how consequences fit in to the entire discussion. Consequences can be natural or well, not natural. In order to better understand consequences, let’s look…

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How do YOU fit in to the Art of Discipline?


In my blog last week I asked you to look at your goal with discipline (to punish, control or teach your child) and I shared an example to illustrate what I was talking about. Many parents ask me about this confusing topic. Today, it is time to dive in to WHY we tend to lash…

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Struggling with how to discipline your child?


Discipline … an oft-spoken word that has a certain mystery and intrigue around it. Many questions may come to mind around this word, such as: What is the most effective type of discipline? How do I discipline my child? How do I just get…my…child…to…listen??? Back to the Beginning In order to begin to answer some…

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