5 Steps To Help You Connect With Your Teen


I have heard from a lot of moms of teens lately, so I knew I needed to address this age group in this week’s blog. I’ve gotten calls, emails and found myself in conversations with parents who are struggling to connect with their teen.   Here are 5 steps you can take to connect with…

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Who Should We REALLY Be Celebrating On Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

It has arrived again – that oft-dreamed-about and oft-dreaded holiday called Valentine’s Day. The questions abound… This day is fraught with so much overflowing emotion, expectation and disappointment. If you are in a relationship, the questions abound. Should we celebrate? How big of a deal should it be? Will he buy me something? Is it too…

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Thoughts on all things Hurricane Harvey


This past week has found me somewhat consumed with developments around Hurricane Harvey. Try as I might, I just cannot get the situation out of my mind. I have learned over the years with disastrous, upsetting situations to not focus on the horrific images or tragic stories of the people affected but rather, I have…

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Make the Most of Solar Eclipse Day!


Today is a very special and rare day. As you have probably heard, much of the US will experience a solar eclipse, and some of us will experience a total solar eclipse. This particular path from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean has not occurred in 99 years. Some say that we have a particularly…

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Boundaries: When are they negotiable?

I have a policy about driving with teenagers that I thought was pretty non-negotiable as far as boundaries go…until last week. My 15 year old son was at his friend’s house to spend the night. His friend’s dog had a terminal illness and was not doing well and he wanted my son to stay over…

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I’m baaaaack! And a special offer….

Hello dear readers, After a brief writing hiatus, I have returned to my roots, sharing my ideas with you and learning and growing together. I wanted to relaunch my blog with a story AND a special offer (keep reading)! A few weeks ago, my now 12-year-old daughter begged me for “fake” nails. I tried them…

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A Christmas Story

Earlier this year, my neighbor (friend) and I went to lunch at a diner in the next town over when we became aware of this homeless man sitting in the corner booth. After inquiring about him to the waitress, we discovered that the owner of the diner allows him to sit in the corner booth…

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I just have to share…here are some highlights of the hour-long conversation that my 10 year old daughter (aptly named Faith) and I had after this first episode of Oprah’s Belief series tonight. She has always been an old soul and a deep thinker. She asked many questions while we watched, and when the show…

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