The #1 secret parents need to work better as a team

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This week, I gave two talks at a preschool near me. This was the first time that a director intentionally served both stay-at-home parents and working parents by asking me to speak in the morning and then come back again in the evening. As you can imagine, I love being in my element, doing “my…

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How To Have A “Reset Conversation” With Your Child

Have you ever found yourself in a very toxic pattern with your child? Maybe it is a constant power struggle, a battle of wills, talking back, not listening, yelling…the list goes on and on. How do you get out of it? This first part can be very tricky, until you understand what I am going…

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Why hire a Parent Coach?

I was talking with a parent coach colleague the other day and she was relaying a conversation she had with a parent who was interested in her services. They talked about the process and what the parent could expect. The parent was interested, until the point at which the discussion of cost came up. Suddenly,…

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To all parents of young athletes


I was inspired to write this to all parents of young athletes after my son’s soccer tournament last weekend. There was one particular game that included a great deal of unsportsmanlike conduct from the other team’s players and parents. As I watched the game and observed the behaviors, I was composing this blog in my…

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How to talk to our children about tragedies


Yesterday, in the wake of the latest mass shooting in Las Vegas, my social media feed was consumed with concerned parents asking how to talk to their children about tragedies. This is never an easy subject to discuss with our children. It is natural to want to protect and shelter them from the darkness in…

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Boundaries: When are they negotiable?

I have a policy about driving with teenagers that I thought was pretty non-negotiable as far as boundaries go…until last week. My 15 year old son was at his friend’s house to spend the night. His friend’s dog had a terminal illness and was not doing well and he wanted my son to stay over…

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Maximizing Life in the Middle Podcast is Launched!


I am thrilled to announce that our podcast, Maximizing Life in the Middle, is LIVE! My husband, Jay and I have been talking about creating this podcast for over a year, and it has now come to fruition! Ours is a podcast featuring two people living and loving as husband and wife, parents and individuals…

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A Screen-Time Plan for the Summer

screen time

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. Summer Break! But I only seem to hear kids singing that song and not parents. Summer can be a wonderfully enjoyable time of year as a parent, IF you set yourself and your children up for success before summer even arrives. In our digital age, screen time…

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Sitting in the Discomfort and Trusting Our Kids

“Remember, you have a baseball game Friday night at 7pm.” “Mom! Can’t I skip it? I already made plans with my friends!” This is how the conversation began with my teenage son the other night. I had a feeling he would not be happy about having a game on a Friday night, especially since he…

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