3 reasons why love is not enough


I just returned from Dr. Shefali’s 4th annual Evolve conference earlier this week. There was a word that kept showing up all weekend and that word was LOVE. I really began to think about the word and its meaning and I wanted to share some thoughts here with you. Dr. Shefali always says “love is…

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Time is a mysterious thing


Time… Time is endlessly fascinating to me. When I was a little girl, vacations always seemed to go so quickly. I discovered that if I paid attention to the passing of time while I was on vacation, it didn’t seem to fly by so fast. I didn’t understand it then, but if I was mindful…

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What legacy do you want to leave?


I just returned home this afternoon from a funeral for a family member. This person died far too young at age 55. This man loved life and was a good father, husband and friend. He cheered on his hometown football team and loved to have his family around him. He left behind a wife, two…

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What if you could look in the mirror?


What if you could look in the mirror? How many times have you snapped at your child and then regretted it? Have you ever had an interaction with your child that did not go the way you hoped it would, leaving you both feeling sad, disappointed or angry?  What if you could look in the…

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How to Use an Iceberg as a Compass in Your Parenting


Why do our kids behave the way they do? I get asked a version of this question all the time. Just this week, I got a message from a mom who has been frustrated that her 5-year-old son whines constantly. I got another message from a mom whose teenage son does not want to disconnect…

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2 Powerful Questions For Any Interaction with Your Child

Valentine's Day

Do you ever find yourself struggling with an interaction with your child? Do you feel guilty after yelling perhaps, but have no idea how to interact with him or her any differently? I was listening to Lewis Howes interviewing Susan David on his School of Greatness podcast recently and she shared something really valuable that I…

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Our Children are Stronger Than They Realize

stronger than they realize

This past week was a very challenging week for my 12 year old daughter. But hidden inside all of the challenges was a beautiful opportunity for her to learn that she is much stronger than she realizes. This year, she joined our local 4H club (actually two of them). Having a pet rabbit and guinea…

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A Screen-Time Plan for the Summer

screen time

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. Summer Break! But I only seem to hear kids singing that song and not parents. Summer can be a wonderfully enjoyable time of year as a parent, IF you set yourself and your children up for success before summer even arrives. In our digital age, screen time…

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The Secret to Ending a Power Struggle

no more power struggle

How many times do we find ourselves in a power struggle with our kids? What can we do to end them? I was thinking about a client I coached once who had an ongoing battle with her daughter about food that was causing both of them a great deal of stress, not to mention the…

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Thoughts on this Mother’s Day

As I get older, I find that this holiday is ….. a complicated one. When I was a kid, Mother’s Day was easy. I had a wonderful Mother who cared for me deeply and each year on this day, I would celebrate her. It was fun and made me feel good to honor her and…

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