3 things you may be doing wrong in parenting your anxious children


Anxiety is something that parents ask me about all the time. Their children are anxious and struggling and they don’t know what to do. A dear friend of mine, Renee (pronounced Ree-Nee) Jain has dedicated her life to helping children learn about their anxiety and teaches them effective ways to deal with it through animated online…

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4 Steps to Help Your Sensitive Child


I was talking with a mom earlier this week about her sensitive kiddo and I thought that our discussion would help my readers who have sensitive children. This mom is not by her nature very sensitive, so her daughter is puzzling to her. She doesn’t quite understand how she ticks or why things bother her…

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Even MORE Ways to Help Your Anxious Child


I have spoken a bit about anxiety lately, but it seems to keeps popping up in my daily travels, so I knew I needed to discuss it here again for you. It can be so challenging, stressful and discouraging when our child is anxious. And if we too, suffer with anxiety, it can make us feel…

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8 Tips to Manage Your Child’s Anxiety

Anxiety can be a crippling burden sometimes, and it shows up in many forms. Headaches, sweating, trembling, excessive worrying, rapid breathing and increased heart rate, to feeling weak or tired, having difficulty concentrating or just feeling nervous, restless, tense or irritable. Most of us worry from time to time. But when we carry the worry…

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