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The #1 secret parents need to work better as a team

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This week, I gave two talks at a preschool near me. This was the first time that a director intentionally served both stay-at-home parents and working parents by asking me to speak in the morning and then come back again in the evening. As you can imagine, I love being in my element, doing “my…

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3 things you may be doing wrong in parenting your anxious children


Anxiety is something that parents ask me about all the time. Their children are anxious and struggling and they don’t know what to do. A dear friend of mine, Renee (pronounced Ree-Nee) Jain has dedicated her life to helping children learn about their anxiety and teaches them effective ways to deal with it through animated online…

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3 reasons why love is not enough


I just returned from Dr. Shefali’s 4th annual Evolve conference earlier this week. There was a word that kept showing up all weekend and that word was LOVE. I really began to think about the word and its meaning and I wanted to share some thoughts here with you. Dr. Shefali always says “love is…

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Why it’s important to invest in yourself


Today, I’m thinking about how important it is to invest in oneself. Tomorrow, I will be traveling to Long Beach, CA for my dear friend, Dr. Shefali’s Evolve summit. I have been helping her run this summit since she first envisioned it over four years ago. I get the honor of not only helping her…

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Time is a mysterious thing


Time… Time is endlessly fascinating to me. When I was a little girl, vacations always seemed to go so quickly. I discovered that if I paid attention to the passing of time while I was on vacation, it didn’t seem to fly by so fast. I didn’t understand it then, but if I was mindful…

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What legacy do you want to leave?


I just returned home this afternoon from a funeral for a family member. This person died far too young at age 55. This man loved life and was a good father, husband and friend. He cheered on his hometown football team and loved to have his family around him. He left behind a wife, two…

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How To Have A “Reset Conversation” With Your Child

Have you ever found yourself in a very toxic pattern with your child? Maybe it is a constant power struggle, a battle of wills, talking back, not listening, yelling…the list goes on and on. How do you get out of it? This first part can be very tricky, until you understand what I am going…

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5 Steps To Help You Connect With Your Teen


I have heard from a lot of moms of teens lately, so I knew I needed to address this age group in this week’s blog. I’ve gotten calls, emails and found myself in conversations with parents who are struggling to connect with their teen.   Here are 5 steps you can take to connect with…

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Do you need a gratitude reminder for life? Then read on!


I read an update yesterday that literally took my breath away. My dear friend’s daughter was hit by a car four weeks ago and has been in a coma ever since with no real signs of improvement. Her post said they are at the stage now where they need to make the agonizing decision about…

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6 Reasons we Should Teach Mindfulness to our Children

This past week, my colleague and I presented our teacher’s inservice on mindfulness to a group of preschool teachers. We shared with them many activities they can use to teach mindfulness to their 3- and 4-year-olds. The teachers loved what we shared with them, and I want to share some things here with you as…

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